Frame number: The real hero of the bike theft battle & how it can save your bike

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Why do you (and everyone) keep asking about my frame number?

Well, that’s a good que..

And why do you always add that annoying note how “really important” it is?

Hahah..also a good one. Both are completely legitimate questions you have there.

Indeed, we see a lot of importance in the frame numbers. Let us explain why.

And why should I even care?

Ok, one thing at a time, alright? Let us answer your first two questions, and then we get to the other one.

Frame numbers are exclusive identifiers of each bike. About 95% of bikes cruising Dutch roads do have its unique frame number when manufactured – and so does yours. (Even if some bikes seem they don’t have any at the first glance, usually you can find the number somewhere well hidden, sometimes on even more than one spot).

Think of it as a licence plate number of a car (or even more precisely, an engine number, since licence plates can be changed easily). Every bike can be quite easily recognized by its unique number.

Alright, that’s nice, but why should I even care?

If it’s missing (or even visibly scratched off), the most probable reason is the bike’s violent history – chances are your bike was stolen in the past and you are riding someone else’s bike. And if that is true, your bike may get you in some serious trouble – €200+ fine and a criminal record at the least.

If you consider the consequences of not caring – you are practically funding thieves who are stealing other people’s bikes, and supporting the whole rotten system. Not something to be proud of, right?

Alright, but how does this help ME?

So aside of avoiding the fine and actually BEING a criminal, imagine you end up on the wrong end of the chain, and your bikes get stolen (just like over 500,000 bikes do in the Netherlands each year – your chances are good).

If you told us your frame number, we help you recover it and report it to police. With the combined power of us and police, you actually have almost 33% chance you will get your bike back. That may seem “mah” now, but at the moment your bike is actually gone, you’d do anything to have such chances – believe us, own experience.

On the other hand, in case you don’t know your frame number in this situation, your chances are almost 0. There are lots of similar bikes, and recovering “black omafiets with a silver bell” without knowing its unique identifier is borderline impossible.

So it’s like a lot of hassle, right? Like 10 minutes of heavy lifting and thinking and whatnot…

No, not really. It’s about 2 minutes of “work”, maybe even less if you have a newer bike with a sticker frame number. Check the number, maybe take a picture, save it somewhere like our Fiets ID database. Done.

And if you have any doubts, we’d honestly recommend you taking our Bike Legality Test – 3 minutes on top of that is worth the €200 fine and criminal record, isn’t it?

Ok, so where do I find the magical frame number thing?

First, what to look for. Frame numbers are usually 6-12 characters long codes, combining numbers and letters. A modern standard number consists of 2 letters followed by 7 digits, but this often varies, especially with older pieces.

Many new bikes (for instance Batavus brand does this) even have a laminated sticker with a barcode and the number, placed in a more visible place so you don’t even need to bend your back:


Doesn’t your bike have a sticker like that? Don’t worry! Most have the number also engraved in the frame. You’re looking for something like this:

Frame number 1 Frame number 2 Frame number 4 Frame number 6 Frame number 7 Frame number 8

You get the idea.


These are the most common places to search for:


The only challenge is that most frame numbers tend to be “hidden” in the bottom of the bike (most often on the frame between pedals), usually covered with dirt – which is behind most people’s border of a comfort zone. (Carrying and using a paper napkin or a piece of toilet paper IS a hard thing to do, lazy, lazy people! :))

If you want to take anything from this article, it should be this: take a rug (or paper tissue or whatever) and go get your bike’s frame number NOW. It takes no more than 2 minutes (really), and you can thank us later.


Ok got it, but what then?

For starters, it would be a good idea to write it somewhere or take a picture. The best thing you can do is enter it into some bike register, such as our Fiets ID Register. It’s free, we remember it forever, and you always know where you can find it, should your bike be stolen. Plus, it again doesn’t take more than 2 minutes.


4 minute investment and you’ve done SO MUCH for your bike you don’t even know.


Now, time for a bike ride? 🙂

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