Bike Detective Tool

Get your bike back in 4 steps

Bike Detective Tool

Get your bike back in 4 steps

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STEP 1: Still on the spot

STEP 2: Tell Detective more

STEP 3: Report the bike

STEP 4: Give it some time

NOTE: It is important to follow the process step-by-step!

1) Immediate action


Still on the spot?

1. Look around. 
Aren’t you standing 10 meters from your bike in a different parking row? Didn’t it just fall down from the stand? The stress of losing a bike can blur your vision…

2. Look for the thief. 
If the bike was really stolen, chances are the thief is still around. Look into all directions for people on a bike, or carrying one.

3. Wasn't it just towed?
Your bike may have been just towed away by the city. Check for any signs forbidding parking in the area, and eventually a municipality worker. If you found a cut lock, your bike was almost certainly stolen.

4. Take a picture of the spot.
Might be useful for insurance or police.

We may be able to help you, but you gotta tell us what you know. Otherwise, you're on your own...

We may be able to help you, but you gotta tell us what you know. Otherwise, you're on your own...


Not sure where to find it? Check this.

The detective will:

  1. Check all Dutch bike depots and lost and found databases (periodically).
  2. Report your bike in international databases of stolen bikes.
  3. Publish your bike on social networks and activate the community to help.
  4. Search for it online at Facebook, Marktplaats and elsewhere.
  5. Create a Fiets ID account for you and publish the bike in its own database.

2) Tell the Detective some more...

"Well reported bikes have a solid chance to be found - be it sooner or later. But we can't find a bike that was never reported as stolen."

- anonymous police officer of high rank -


The key for success: police report 

Now possible online!


Pick whichever of the methods works best for you, and report the bike. If you do that properly, chances of a reunion with your bike grow exponentially!

A) Online (DigiD required)



B) By a phone

Simply call 0900-8844 (local tariff applies).

Usually you get a phone call appointment for later, on which you give Police the information.


C) On a police station

Search for the closest police stations here.Politie logo


Bike recovery is a hard work

Be it for our Bike Detective or Police, recovering stolen bikes takes a lot of (often invisible) work. Lost bikes get either found within couple hours when someone tries selling them right away, or it takes weeks they emerge again. They can be badly parked by its new unsuspecting owner, towed away and found in FietsDepot. Or found somehow else, you never know.

As long as you went through the full list (including the police report!), be assured that our Detective never settles, until your bike gets found.

P.S.: In case you somehow find the bike, it would be really cool of you if you let us know about it...

4) Give it some time

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